Monday, September 6, 2010

The Remodel Part VII

We rented a machine to dig the trenches, but when it came to back filling, it was up to us and a shovel. After the pipe was laid - and we were tired of cave ins that we then had to dig out -we hauled buckets and wheelbarrows full of pea gravel to protect the pipes, then gravel and finally the dirt.

Yes, we even had an expectant mother on the job - she volunteered. But I told her to keep it up, it would be good for the labour. Ha,ha, no pun intended. I really, honestly and truly didn't do that on purpose.

Heave ho, filling the ditches we go.

Into the wee hours of the evening.


Hannah said...

You're quite the comedian, Miss! :) Those sure were some trenches to fill back in!

TW said...

What is it with everyone thinking I'm so funny all of the sudden? I have always pictured myself as such a serious person - perhaps I have relaxed in my old age and don't take life so seriously anymore! :) Or maybe I'm exhausted, my sister always thinks I'm much more fun when I'm tired.:)

Miss you Squishy!

Hannah said...

Well, either way, I like reading your "funnies." Miss you too, TW! :-D

TW said...

Good, I like writing them. And maybe it is time to accept my new image - I think I like myself better more lighthearted anyhow. :)