Monday, September 13, 2010

The Remodel Part VIII

The hole that is supposed to be there - temporarily

Framing the end wall of the back 1/4 of the house

Trying to fit the door - it is a wonderful bargain door that took all day to fit to the frame. You never know what you'll learn. But it's a cool door, so there.
(AND you'll notice there isn't sheet rock in this photograph - somewhere I got a little mixed up in there and this is earlier.)

An abundance of inspectors. You have to make sure D.C. does it right. After all, he does this for a living.

And this picture makes me laugh. I didn't do it on purpose. The camera hadn't been flashing and they didn't know I was taking pictures. D.C. moved over to some wires to work on them and guess what, the flash goes off. It scared him to death. I laughed, and said I was sorry, and laughed some more. I'm always full of lots of sympathy. Hey, it was good for a story, he still mentions it.

Wall framed. Check. Door fit to frame. Check. Re-sided. Check. D.C. alive to tell about it? Check.


Tricia Regar said...

I don't even know who D.C. IS, but the way you write about him in this post is hilarious!

TW said...

He is hilarious - go to Facebook and the pictures of him playing with my youngest sister are amazing - I didn't know people could move like that in volleyball!