Monday, September 20, 2010

It Was Silent

No rain pattering outside on the metal roof. No cricket chirping - inside. It was something of a miracle, a blessed chance to fall to sleep undisturbed. I can only hope for such another good nights rest.

Did I mention the problem we've had with crickets? For quite a few of the nights since I've moved to the Blue Castle, I get to fall asleep, or not, to the lullaby of a chirping cricket. The key of course is to find a comfortable position with one ear against the pillow and your finger plugging the other ear and try to get to sleep like that. I never had anything against crickets in the past and almost felt bad about killing the ones that came into our bathroom. If only I'd know. If I wouldn't have smashed them with glee, I at least would have done it with a feeling of vindication.

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