Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Remodel Part III Updated

"The Loft"

And down below, all the old floors are gone and it's time to lay the plumbing before the concrete pour.

All the trenches are back filled and the vapor barrier is down and ready for the concrete.

The plumbing is ready....

And now for the concrete, we have J.J. on the wheelbarrow,

While C.J. and C.A. man the buckets,

Teamwork: Many thanks to all the guys that volunteered their time and expertise. We'll all pour together when we pour, we'll all pour..... My version is much better, don' you think? I have this tendency to take songs and change the lyrics to suit my purposes. The original version is by Tom Lehr (I think) and is more along the lines of "we'll all char together when we char." So you can see why my version is better. The song is funny, but in a ghastly way. Simply ghastly.

B.T., D.C. and A.C. working on the preliminary leveling.

More leveling. It is smoother than this, much smoother. But do I have pictures of the finished job? No. Though, I think it is in a few later pictures, so stay tuned and watch for the floor. You won't regret it.


Hannah said...

Awesomeness!! :)

Tricia Regar said...

WOW!! Your house is really coming together! I love when guys are "smart" in this way: I feel like they could do anything! ;)

TW said...

It is such a good reminder to me how far we've come looking back over the pictures, because sometimes the progress seems so slow.