Saturday, August 7, 2010

Random Summer

A nearby city was doing a showing of My Fair Lady at a park so two of my sisters and I ventured into town as dusk was approaching and after running a few errands we spread a blanket at the park and then played Go Fish with a regular set of cards until it was dark enough to start the movie. Popcorn, chocolate candy bars and a good movie. A wonderful, albeit late, night.

A few friends joined us, Abby, not so much of a surprise, her brother, a little bit. And then D.C. and a friend show up. That was a little more shocking folks. We're talking about My Fair Lady here. D.C. is a contractor and his friend is a logger. Shakes head. This movie is a musical! Well, I don't know what his friend thought, but I do think we lost D.C. to a catnap somewhere in there.

That was lots of fun, but you know what I loved even more? Tonight, my wee niece decided to wake up after going down for the night and since her mother was in the middle of her dessert and then Little K woke up, I got to hold her. She wasn't happy, so I fetched a blanket and took her outside on the back deck where a soft summer coolness was gently stirring the air, and held her all wrapped up against me and rocked her gently. What a precious moment. Her big brown eyes taking in the landscape around us, the one tear that had escaped wet below her eye. Melt. What a darling.


Hannah said...

My Fair Lady- sounds like a fun evening!

Oh, neices... *sigh* The feeling's mutual! :-)

Tricia Regar said...

We just watched My Fair Lady. Love it! And...have I mentioned how funny you are? :D

TW said...

Thanks Tricia! I can't say funny is usually the term people think of when I come to mind - or is it? Actually, how would I know? I usually think of myself as a boring staid person though. :) Most of the time.