Friday, August 6, 2010

The Remodel Part II

I just love this photo. Look at those cute little ladders all lined up waiting for their workers. Don't tell the guys I said that. I would in no way want to undermine their manliness and I don't think they would look at their ladders the same way again. Papa Ladder, Mama Ladder and Baby Ladder. Actually, I think two of those ladders are the same size, but I can imagine.

Inside the wall that was being framed.

Look, the ladders have workers and they aren't bears. Oh, well. I like this photo too, three ladders, three guys. All very balanced. I'm all about balance. (Don't jump D.C.! Please don't jump.Think of all the Arizona Iced Tea you could drink.)

That's good, come slowly down the ladder. (Okay, sorry, I think I'm low on sleep.)

The front door! It is beginning to look a tiny bit less like a barn. I think.


Hannah said...

Looks good!! It's too bad you're going to make it into a house...if you left it as just one big room, it'd be an awesome place to dance! But...duty calls... ;)

Yep, I can see Papa Ladder, Mama Ladder, and Baby Ladder... :D

Miss Janice said...

You are going to have an awesome view!

TW said...

Hannah: Acutally, the living room area is going to be quite large and we're hoping that if we do the furniture right we can rearrange it easily and host a dance! We'll see - but it would be lots of fun!

Miss Janice: When we were moving to this area a few years ago one of the things I knew I was going to miss about our old place was the view, but God arranged for a very different, breathtaking view where we live now. It truly is awe inspiring at times!

Hannah said...

That's awesome about being able to rearrange the furniture and host a dance!! :)