Monday, August 2, 2010

The Tin Cleanup

Before: The burned tin pulled off the old foundation and waiting to be taken to metal recycling.

After: The burned tin, ripped, stomped and ready to haul away. We ripped, just used our bare hands and ripped (In the interests of full disclosure, we actually wore gloves over our bare hands. "Bare hands" being a figure of speech), those pieces in two, or three and piled 'em up and stomped 'em down. Do you know how powerful you feel ripping sheets of metal in half like paper? Actually it was a little more work than that, but it was kind of fun. Snip with metal cutters to get a start and then tearing it in half. I felt so strong! Actually, when all was said and done, I felt pretty tired. But, I'd also moved maybe a couple hundred concrete blocks earlier that day.

And I took this picture just because of the truck. I thought you'd want to see my brothers cool vintage truck.

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Hannah said...

I like the line "bare hands" being a figure of speech. Nice one. :D