Monday, October 10, 2011

Reporting on the Civic Duty

I was selected, selected again when they narrowed down the options, and then selected to serve.

Jolly interesting being a juror. Did you know that whenever the jurors entered or exited the courtroom everyone had to rise and face them out of respect? I think even the judge did. I will not lie, when I figured that out, I thought it was kind of nice, if you know what I mean.

I’d rather not go into the details of the trial even though I am at legal liberty to do so, those are rather mundane and a bit depressing, but I’ll tell you about some of the extra curricula incidents.

At one point during the course of events, all the jurors were waiting in the deliberation room and I knew we were going to be called soon, so I decided to nip into the ladies room real quick.

But when I got out, the female bailiff was standing at the door of the deserted room. The five male jurors had declined her offer to wait for me and had gone out. I stepped quickly and entered the courtroom, where everyone was standing and waiting for me.

Thanks a lot, men. I shall put no gentle before that, for you didn’t earn the title.
Perchance any men might read this, it would have been polite, and kind, to have waited a few moments. It would have been the conduct of a gentleman. I won’t be too hard on them, they probably were not taught any better. And it was a lesson to me not to procrastinate. :)

While we were sitting and waiting, and waiting, for them to finish the jury instructions, we were starting to worry about just how long we were going to be stuck there. There was an adequate supply of snacks, so I suggested we could dump out the coffee in the pot, fill it with water, chop up the vegetables that were available for snacking, and make ourselves some stew. One of the other guys suggested dumping in some of the tomato sun chips for flavoring.

We liked our idea. And then they called us back into the courtroom.

Life is like that,



Hannah Moss said...

Very interesting. Ugh, those men being un-gentlemanly! :)

TW said...

Hi, Miss Hannah!

My feelings exactly. :)

Now I just have to decide if I want to fill out the questionnaire from the prosecuting attorney. Favorite part of the trial? The snacks. Least favorite part? The male jurors rudely leaving me behind in the jury room. ;)

Oh, well, if I do decide to fill it out, I should be serious I guess. As far as the actual trial, I do feel very sober about it, which is probably why I give myself the liberty of seeing the humor in the non-trial stuff.

Do you think I should render an opinion on the prosecutor’s hair?


Hannah Moss said...

Haha! An opinion on the prosecutor's hair?? I love it. :)