Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Times

I didn't sleep in this morning. I don't know what time I got up, but I'm pretty certain it wasn't late. Instead, I was up and cracking to go into town and walk along the river. With fall just turning the leaves, the air crisp, vibrate rose hips in reds and oranges, it was a beautiful morning full of the beauty of life. I was walking to support a charity my sister works for and it was neat to meet some of the people she knows from her job. Plus, it has been awhile since we had to clarify that no, we are not twins! Really! There is in fact a brother between us to prove it. :)

I love old people. My mother introduced me to one of the board members and then his wife came over, only she thought I was my sister, but we finally clarified that. But she is a hoot, really hilarious. She's met my dad, but she does have Alzheimer’s apparently and towards the end of the event was asking my mother, "is that your husband?"

"No, my husband is the one over there."

"Oh, well I have to figure out just who you are living with. The man right there, the one with the silver hair?"

My mother just simply said yes. My father's hair has long since qualified as grey, and is now more silver. I claim no responsibility for the gray or silver. My dad isn't very much older than my mom, but a couple minutes earlier this same lady had been part of a conversation and agreed that she looked like his daughter.

Cheryl squinted and looked across at my dad for a moment and then declared, "He's a good looking old coot."

You don't say. I have to believe her when she said her husband had to adjust to her sense of humor. But he chased her, so he'll just have to get over it.

Rather than heading back to the mountain and doing something dutiful, I decided to hang out with my sisters for the afternoon! Between work, being out of town, work, more work, our housing situation, and life, we don't really spend that much time just being in the same "zone" together anymore.

I hung out with my un-twin sister, hit a couple garage sales with her and Mrs. B.T. and Little Nephew Blue Eyes, picked up another sister to run her to get lunch, hit an estate/garage sale, dropped by my sister's house even though she was gone and had a cuppa with Mrs. B.T., picked up one of my sisters from work and headed to a field to play Ultimate Frisbee with some friends, and then some of us headed to the Dollar theater to watch Cars 2!

They were sold out, but if we wanted to stand in the back and watch, okay.

So we bought tickets. And we didn't even ask for a discount!

We went into the dark theater. There was a row of empty chairs in the back, but of course they were sandwiched between people, so we decided to just climb over the back of the seats so we didn't disturb anyone.

I climbed over. I don't recommend it, it was uncomfortable. One of my other sisters climbed over. We were settling in when the people on the end finally noticed us and told us that there were some little kids coming and those were THEIR chairs. Sorry. We climbed back over.

My sister handed me my wallet. Apparently I had dropped it and a friend had tripped over it twice and then looked down and picked it up and it had made its way back to me. Praise the Lord that I didn't lose it. I forgot to check if the money was still there. JK :) I trust him.

We sat in the very back of the theater on the floor and watched Cars 2 and passed a bag of popcorn down the line, and then back.

It was so hot when we got back to the wellhouse ( & our current bedroom). So we changed our mind and decided to go ahead and have ice cream after all!

Savor the good times,


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Hannah Moss said...

Very funny. :) Sounds like a fun day!! :)