Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Thinking About....

Marrying a chocolate.

I mean marrying a Swiss chocolate.

I mean marrying a Swiss like a chocolate.

Oh, whatever.

I make sense when I explain, no?

Probably no.

I sum up. Okay?

Because of a random picture I came across of two men, I decided that the Swiss aren't such a bad looking lot....


What if I could find a Swiss man like a chocolate? A Lindor truffle to be precise.

Hard on the outside, but in a good way. Firm....

Soft on the inside.....

Ah, and so sweet..... sigh.

I could make him melt....

And he'd be rich :)

That is where the similarities must end. I mean no offense, but round is not what I have in mind.

If he has an account in his homeland, will that mean I have a Swiss bank account?

Perhaps if we have a boy first we can call him Lindor. Hmmm, Lindor James? James Lindor? I don't have a last name, that puts such a crimper in naming a nonexistent child.

But if we have a girl first, she can be our little Swiss Miss. Of course that wouldn't be her real name, we'd actually call her something like Nutella.

Please raise your hand if you think I am suffering from chocolate deprivation.

Thank you.

You can now send the Marines with a large shipment of chocolate. Somebody needs a'saving and I think it's me.


Hannah Moss said...

Hysterical! Enjoyed this. :)

Tricia Regar said...

This is pretty funny. We need to see each other in person again some time. Laughs would be in order. :D

TW said...

Brisk weather, crackling fire, hot cocoa hiding under a pillow of cream and bobbing marshmallows, good conversations, and lots of laughs. Sigh, a visit would be so nice. :)

Wow - has it really been almost exactly three years? So many changes!