Friday, October 14, 2011

Financial Friday

Doesn't that sound smart?

Well, what would have been smarter is if I had figured everything correctly in the first place so it could have been Thinancial Thursday. Actually, I did figure it correctly and then I forgot what I had done. But it has all come back to me. What I did. Not the money.


I went to the bank on Wednesday to cash my paycheck and I told the teller, "you better double check my math."

"One of those days?" He asked.

"No," I replied, "one of those years."

.....Let's change the subject.

"Did you have a good weekend?" Give him points for trying.

I knit my brows together, trying to think what in the world I had done over the weekend.

My reply was eventually something along the lines of, "I think so."

"Did you get a three day weekend?"

He shouldn't have asked that. My brain was running at about half speed and I was trying to be perfectly honest. "Yes. No. Maybe. Sort of."

"Well, at least you're decisive." (Hey, he has a sense of humor.)

I tried to explain, but my brain was still turning at half speed. "Well, I was going to work this weekend, and then I didn't, and the job I was doing ended, and so I've been helping my mother."

He said now it made sense. Which is more than it made to me. Perhaps he just didn't want me to try and explain further.

Living life, one slow brain cell at a time,


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Hannah Moss said...

OH, I love reading your blog! :)