Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Tale of the Savoury Pie

(Alternate Title: Why I'm Not Married Reason #1)

We made a venison soup the other day that ended up having a lot of meat and being very thick, more like a stew, perhaps thicker than that even. So, with some of the leftovers I decided to make them into a nice British style savour pie. I thickened it with flour, added onion and a little more spice and put it into a pie shell. I was feeling efficient, since I'd done all that around writing.

Only, the flour didn't thicken the liquid, the onion didn't cook and the vinegar called for in the pie crust ended up being very pungent. Uh, at least it looked good?

See, that might be one reason I'm not married. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach not, "it's looks pretty." What is wrong with them I ask? What is wrong with beauty? Well, okay, I can see their point.

(Raises right hand. "On my honor, it actually didn't taste that bad, it just wasn't the amazing savoury pie I had in mind.")


Hannah Moss said...

Poor TW, it *does* look pretty! Well, even my oldest married sister, and woe is me that I should say this, but even my dear mother has made things that weren't quite perfect. :D And, of course, me. :P I'm sure I would've enjoyed your savoury pie as well. :)

TW said...

Ha, ha. I'm on a roll too, the next night I over salted the Split Pea soup. What can I do to tonights dinner? He, he. :)

Hannah Moss said...

Hmm, good question. ;) You poor dear! :)

TW said...

Okay, big sigh of relief, dinner last night turned out fine. :) I think, I hope, I've got it back. Whatever it is. :)

Hannah Moss said...

Good job, TW, I knew you had it in you! ;)