Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Remodel Part XXIII

Day Three: Pictures taken Monday, November 8th.

On Sunday, in the pouring down rain, my oldest brother dug drainage ditches along the driveway and moved these landscape rocks from another place on the property. It was a long, cold, miserable project. Not only was it bucketing moisture most of the day, it was very chilly. He didn't warm up until the next evening (I quote).

The problem with moving all that dirt around is there is now mud. This is the mud bog that you have to cross to get in the front door now. Uh, have you ever tried doing that in the dark? I have successfully managed it several times. Fortunately, the night that the interior lights were out inside and it was really dark, I was wearing my tennis shoes and not my three inch heeled dress boots, because it didn't go so well that time. Squoosh. That gives one a very sinking feeling. Emotional and otherwise.

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