Monday, November 8, 2010

The Remodel Part XXII

First, today is the one year anniversary of the epic event that started this whole machine moving: our neighbors house burned down.

Last Monday it was time to build the loft that goes over the kitchen and is is also part of the girls room. That's D.C. and C.A. working on making as much sawdust as possible. Good fiber in the cooking. Actually, I think they were trying to drill a hole for some electrical wires. That was funny and scary to watch at the same time. C.A. is holding the ladder, and he moves it just wrong and D.C. nearly goes over sideways. There was a startled exclamation of fear and then he caught himself. And then a moment later he starts going down the ladder and steps on C.A.'s hand. "Ow!"

Sitting by the wood stove, waiting for the guys to clear out so I could cook lunch, I decided to take portraits of some of the work tools. This is a nail gun.

This is a saw. Do you see the saw? Did you ever see the saw saw from Arkansas? I'll stop now.

This is the guys lifting a beam into place. A beam made up of 2x12's with a wafer board sandwich. It was very heavy. I did not help lift it. You can sometimes judge how much something weighs by how much guys grunt and groan. They didn't hardly do either so you know it weighed a lot. That's my theory at any rate.

Round of applause, they did it!

The floor in the first section. And they didn't use metal hangers but another method of construction. I still don't know how it works. I worry, "is the floor going to stay up?" It looks nice, which is usually my greatest concern, but I'm supposed to sleep up there so I have cause to be worried. They say it's fine. I think I trust them. If it crashes in and I die a horrible death they can just put on my headstone, "She trusted. She died." I do believe that would give a much needed lesson to those who read it.

Monday evening, the first section completed.

From the other direction we get a different perspective. Please don't say, "duh." Thank you.

D.C. came back Tuesday to finish the last section. Surprisingly, the loft makes the house feel bigger. I thought it would close it in, but it doesn't at all.

Mother moved her shaker cabinet into place beside the doorway shown above and arranged some baskets and a vintage (?) scale.

The upstairs. Next up is railing, insulating and finish work.


Hannah Moss said...

Oh, goodness, this was written when you were in a very funny (and awesome) mood! :) Loved reading it! :)

TW said...

Ha, ha! Sometimes it just pops out! :)

Hannah Moss said...

Lough out loud! :D