Monday, November 22, 2010

Life in the Blue Castle

It's beautiful with a blanket of white snow. It is also rather cold since we tried to upgrade "Jack" and the new stove isn't starting right. Brrr. I'm just hoping something can be done about it soon or that the single digit weather doesn't come.

Life is an adventure!


Tricia Regar said...

The picture is beautiful. The story...not so much. I feel your pain. Shiver just a little while longer while I chop some firewood, gather some matches, board a plane, and head out to the Blue Castle to light y'all a fire.

TW said...
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TW said...

Thanks ever so much.Finally,after Father and Mum spent hours,the stove finally kicked in and now we are sitting close by to keep warm. And, as my brother warned,with the new paint job on the stove, there are some fumes - which the fire alarms don't like.:) At least we know they work. You have to love life!

P.S. It is silent again!

Hannah Moss said...

Ditto Tricia- beautiful picture... :)

TW said...

Thank you ladies! Today the new stove is keeping us warm and cozy even as the snow continues to fall!

It's a winter wonderland, that's what it is. :)