Friday, January 14, 2011


Sitting by the woodstove, early in the morning before the rest of the house was stirring, I was drinking a hot cup of tea and thinking. Thinking; about a hairstyle I should try, and then I decided, why not today? So I did. A sort of Heidi style with a braid across the top of my head. If I’m going to live in the mountains, I should do what I can to make it “Swiss Alps” and not “Hill Billy.” That is what I told my sister, the next one to rise that morning, and who asked “what is up with the hair?” Nobody else said a thing about it.

After I finished my household chores that afternoon I went to the “office” to do some research and as I was approaching I heard Ailish, the Irish Wolfhound, barking at me through the glass door. That’s odd, I thought, she’s usually excited to see me but she doesn’t usually bark. I approached and opened the door to find her cowering back in anticipation of my entry (she’s such a stout heart – not). “Ai – lish!” I said, and then she recognized me and excitedly came and greeted me as is her usual custom.

Really? I simply had no idea the dog paid that much attention to my hairstyle. Yes, it was up, but I almost always wear my hair up, but it was different and she knew it. Of course I really shouldn’t be surprised, she as a puppy managed to squeeze all of herself behind the sofa in a panic when I came out of the bedroom with a scarf on my head.

I have this problem with dogs not recognizing me. One time I scarred our Chihuahua into issuing blood curdling screams at the front door begging for her life. All I did was bark back at her. I mean really, she started it, I took offense that she was barking at me in the first place. And of course you know who got the sympathy. Little rodent.

Happy Friday,

This is T.W., bringing a whole new meaning to Dog Whisperer.

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Hannah Moss said...

Wow, you must have looked somewhat different, if Ailish didn't recognize you at first! Where's the picture?? ;)