Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Real Life on Wednesday

Mother thought my little brother had just walked in the door and she called out, 'Have you eaten your oatmeal yet young man?'

I looked at my little sister who was smiling. I said to "her", "you need to get your haircut too."

Mother went and looked around the corner, "oh, sorry," she laughed.

Twiglet said with a smile, "I get that all the time."

Uh, huh. And you want to know something that is even more real life, or not?

I was sitting typing on the computer and I heard something on the dresser next to me, and I could swear that the Kleenex box moved, and there was noise coming from it. I watched it for a moment, and then apprehensively got up to check it out. I gingerly pushed it one way, and then the other, and then it happened again, and the Kleenex slid down into the box a little way.

I called for reinforcements.

My dad and little brother came down to the house and took the Kleenex box outside. I wasn't entirely, totally positive that whatever phenomena was occurring had anything to do with a rodent, but one can't be too careful. And I'm not sure what else could possibly have caused this sequence of events. You know what? That Kleenex box was completely, totally empty, except for the tissue.

Clears throat, "moving on."

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