Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Would Submit

Sunday the family was gathered for “home church” and we were having a very interesting discussion when my oldest brother had a thought he was going to present, and this is how he prefaced his intended remark, “I would submit…..” I found it an extremely diverting phraseology and laughed a little to myself. You can tell who used to do court room security detail and has heard a few lawyers presenting their arguments. Mr. K III would have made a good lawyer himself, he would have strung words around everybody else so deeply they couldn’t even remember what confusion meant. But when I say good, I really mean good in the truest sense of the word. Yes, he could have used words, but he also would have laid things out in black and white and when another lawyer would have used arguments to dance around justice, he would have called them on it. And he would have enjoyed doing it too. As it is, he’s not a lawyer, but that has never hampered, indeed perhaps it has only helped his prodding’s to justice.

There is after all a reason that the judges in the courtrooms never quite felt it was theirs when he was on duty. Yes, they felt safe, just not the boss. No mistake, I believe they liked it, most of the time, they just were not quite sure what to do with him. It seems real men can have that effect on people - it's as if they're such an anomaly in our society*, that people don't quite know what to do with them. And while I have lots to say on that subject, I'll wrap this up without expounding upon it. Besides that, there's someone I know who could put it ever so much more eloquently. Ahem....guess who?

(*This is not to criticize men. For far too many women have lost sight of their proper role in society as well. So I lay the blame square at the door of the devil himself. Only, we've believed his lies, so guess it comes back around to us in the end anyhow. At any rate, ditto to those that are trying.)

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Hannah Moss said...

Well, I could guess who, but I think you did a good job. :)