Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow, snow AND ICE!

The other night I stepped out of the office to walk to the house and it was dark, very dark, and I didn't have a flashlight. I don't mind the nighttime generally, although ever since a friend of ours brought "a cat" that he shot to show us, I've been worried about them lurking in the dark - out there. Anyway, what was bothering me was that I couldn't really see, and there was snow and hence, potentially slippery ice. When it's light it can be a little easier to know where to place your next step, but when you can't even see where you're walking? I got about twenty feet from the office door without incident, but still the thought crossed my mind to just crawl the rest of the way. I didn't. But I considered it. Unfortunately I didn't have any gloves, my knees would have gotten wet and do you know how ridiculous I would have looked? (Even in the dark)

I'm concerned that this option even crossed my mind. Did you know I was a late walker? I might still be crawling if I hadn't fallen and sprained my wrist when I was something over a year old and couldn't crawl. It's simply amazing how the smallest things influence us. I'm sure it was painful, but if it hadn't happened just think where I would be today?

Shakes head, whether I like it or not, I may end up crawling home from my sister-in-laws. We have snow. And there is rain. And it is frozen. And it is very treacherous. And at least I remember how to crawl.

How has your winter been?

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Hannah Moss said...

Haha, yep, I know. Whenever I'm deciding to do something in the dark (like crawling in your case), I always picture a big light being turned on, and that thought always makes me not do it. Can't think of any examples for myself, but I know what you're saying. :)

You're right, if you hadn't sprained your wrist, you'd still be crawling everywhere to this day. You're funny. :P