Friday, September 9, 2011

To Clarify....

I realized that my post “Paraphrasable” could be misunderstood, which might be a good thing, because saying just exactly what was running through my mind is probably best left off the record.

In the best interests of being more gracious, and etc., I hope that this will explain what I was thinking without becoming a full blown rant.

On to the point…

I didn’t mean that I’m hoping to be somebody’s first love as in, “where are you? I’m WAITING!” But more, should someone come along, I want to be their first choice. Not, “Well, all the other girls I was interested in didn’t work out, so I guess you’ll do.”

“Oh, take a damper, mister.” I don’t think I’d say that to their face, but I’d probably feel it, which would be worse - for them I imagine. My brother once said that I had a nitrogen cooled cold shoulder.

So in a nutshell, to clarify, I’m not pining for love. It’s just when I saw this blog post, the words resonated with me for a multitude of reasons. One being that I know a few girls that have sort of been left in the position of feeling they were second choice. I personally feel that is simply awful.

It brings Rachel and Leah to mind. Can you imagine being Leah? Really, think about what she must have felt! She may not have had any choice in the matter of her marriage, but it seems clear to me that she desired her husband’s love. She was always “the one he ended up with.” The late Princess of Wales springs to mind as being in this exact position. While I’ll cut Jacob some slack (wouldn’t he be relieved!:)) since he was tricked, I don’t give the Prince of Wales so much leniency.

It’s possible that Leah fell in with her father’s plan of deception willingly, and suffered the consequence of it, but it’s still sad. My advice to the ladies would be to think twice before in desperation to get married, settling for being second choice. I’m not saying absolutely don’t, because I won’t tell you what God has for your life, but do think about it.

That’s all I’m saying for now, I’ll save all further rants and good advice for a book. :)

A lovely Friday to you my readers!


I'll be back

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Hannah Moss said...

Yes, TW, I understand your "rant." ;) The thought of being someone's "second best" is, like you said, almost worse than not being "something" to someone.