Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Story I Haven't Told My Sisters Yet

The girls have been sleeping in the “well house” since we got it painted in the nick of time for a visit from a special friend. It really does make a terrific slumber party location. However…. It does tend to get warm during the day so come evening when it has cooled off outside, it’s still warm inside our current “bedroom” which can put a damper on sleeping. In order to save electricity, I decided that rather than turning the air conditioner on, I would just leave the door open so the cool night air could come on in. I even propped a piece of foam up so creatures couldn’t just wander in at will (though there was still a gap) and left the light off so bugs wouldn’t make their way inside.

All fine in theory.

My sisters were out on the town and I was doing some reading I had to get done before bed. The overhead light was off and I was reading by flashlight when I heard some noise. I thought, “Oh, dear, I let a whole slew of months in and now they were fluttering around making a racket.” I shined the flashlight around, and I didn’t see moths. What I did see was a mouse eating something off the floor and looking at me. Hmmm. Nightmares of chasing the little varmint around the well house flashed through my mind. He gave me temporary hope, although a somewhat sinking feeling all at the same time, when he ran over and tried to escape through a gap under the door. If he could get out, that would deal with the problem, but it also would mean he could get back in.

His attempts didn’t prove to be successful, so I needed to deal with him. I tried the easiest thing that came to mind.

I opened the door for him.

This is T.W. – showing mice the door.

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Hannah Moss said...

Haha! I'm glad that worked out for you, opening the door for him. My goodness, you're getting to be quite the expert with mice! :)