Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wildflowers V

Hello Yellow

I need to move on with my life. Flowers are not the beginning and the end. So I'm condensing and I'll try grouping the current ones I have by color. But then I know I'm going to find more varieties that need to be showcased and appreciated. I've always liked championing the underdog. And because well, my life may not begin and end with flowers, but they are for me my own personal shrink. It's why I'm such a well balanced positive person. (Please refrain from disagreeing in my presence. Thank you! The Management)


Hannah said...

Haha! No, no, would not think of disagreeing in your presence. :D

TW said...

Thank you for that Hannah, you have just done what it would have taken four hours of flower time to accomplish. :)

Hannah said...

Oh, goodness! Why, you're welcome! :D