Saturday, July 24, 2010

Strawberry Flowers

Cutting strawberries for another dessert, inspiration struck. Whether or not this is an original idea, I don't know, but it is pretty and here's how to do it. Or at least how I did it.

Wash as many fresh firm strawberries as you need and carefully flatten stems.

Using a sharp knife, cut strawberries into eighths, stopping about 1/4" from stem.

Carefully separate "petals".

Use the strawberry flower as a garnish as is, or.....

Fill with small scoops of vanilla ice cream for a petite and elegant dessert.

And enjoy!

I experimented and you can do the berries ahead, place them in a pan, cover and refrigerate. Shape the ice cream scoops ahead of time too, scaling back to a "ball" that will fit into the berries. Place the individual servings on a tray and place back in freezer. Assemble right before serving. I think they would be a lovely way to serve ice cream with a slice of cake at a bridal or baby shower!


Hannah said...

Oh, goodness, this was creative...and really pretty too! Awesome idea!! :D

Tricia Regar said...

AGREED!! This, my dear, is elegance.
P.S. I do wish, however, that the strawberries were bigger... ;)

TW said...

Thank you!

I've seen some pretty big strawberries in my time - but these weren't them. :)