Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"We Don't Always Get What We Want."

It was the end of the day, right before dinner and I had been playing with the little children for several hours. I was crawling around giving the four year old a horsey ride and just about ready to quit, and I told her that I was tired and hungry and I wanted dinner. Well, she tells me, "we don't always get what we want."

They really are the cutest little kids, spunky, but well behaved. I enjoy them very much and get such a kick out of playing with them. And besides, their father was very kindly helping us with the electric on the Blue Castle, so I'm not complaining.

I've certainly been put in mind of Miss Ruthie's words though a few times lately. We certainly don't always get what we want. I think our response though is what is important. At least that is my story, and I'm stuck with it.

Especially with this building project, it is required that I be flexible with my expectations, because the plans change frequently. Especially with the girls room, I've tried not to have expectations that could be disappointed, but to just wait and see what we get and then have fun doing the best I can with it. But still, I've especially realized recently, that I did have some hopes that have had to be adjusted. And will probably have to be adjusted again.

When I'm tired, it can be a bit depressing, but most of the time it remains exciting because I get more chance to be creative with every little "obstacle" in the room I'm given to arrange and decorate.

And then I ponder what life has in store for me that I am having to experience this particular phase in life. And then reality hits me that it could just be life. Aha!

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Tricia Regar said...

Haha, that little comment is adorable. Kids say the funniest things. She's right, though. :O