Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That's Life

I hopped out of the truck and entered The Blue Castle through the front French door, pausing with the handle still in my hand I peeked round at the sound coming from my left. "Hello?" Nobody answered. I didn't expect an answer. All was quiet, and perhaps it was just something shifting, adjusting in its new surroundings. I like to think positive.

So the rest of the small party followed me inside and we set to work sorting and organizing, trying to clear off and dismantle the center work bench. Mother and I were alone when I saw him, his nose peaking around between cabinets. I acknowledged his presence with a dry comment and then mother saw him and acknowledged him with a small scream. He disappeared. The dirty rat. Really. Well, actually, I don't know how dirty he actually is, but he sure has been making a mess and I stand by my statement.

We went for weapons, I found a piece of PVC pipe, quite long, which was quite to my liking and we summoned the assistance of Little Brother and his dog. We had quite the chase after an illusive shadow of a rat, but no luck.

He was big. Just so you know. Twelve inches not including his tail, or at least very close to that long. Shudder.

I was already thinking that even though we had moved our mattresses we would camp out on the living room floor of my older brother and his wife's new place. That quite decided mother into joining us, not matter how anxious she is to establish residence in the new place. Some things just simply cannot be rushed.

Call me chicken, but I treasure my nights sleep and the thought of even the possibility of a rat climbing across me is too much. And if I heard anything in the middle of the, so long to anymore sleep. It was bad enough in the cabin when the Chihuahua walked across my bed. She's too close to the size of a rat and I had a moment of serious alarm.It was a cruel trick on her part. Even if she was just going to find mother. It was not funny. Very, very not funny.

I really don't think at any time in my life I have pictured myself in this situation. I'm just warning you, life has some curious bends in it. I do wonder where I'll be in a year?


Hannah said...

Oh, that's terrible! But, it does make a very *funny* story!! :D That must have been an experience when the Chihuahua walked across your bed. I bet you acknowledged that happening with a little more than a dry comment. :)

Tricia Regar said...

I have to confess, I was a bit upset about two very small ants crawling happily on my kitchen floor...until I read your last two posts. I definitely had to change my perspective on life (and tiny, annoying creatures) there. No more complaints from this end!! :D

TW said...

Actually Hannah, I don't think I said anything when Boo walked across me - I was rendered speechless, I guess. ;)

Tricia: I have to say that I thought mice were bad, until rats became a reality.