Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

I needed to write some thank you notes, I was pretty much out of note cards, and even though I've been given permission to raid my sisters stash (so she has an excuse to buy more), there wasn't just the right ones and being in mood to be creative, this is the one I sketched for my mother:

Inspired again by china, using elements of the design from her favorite teacup. That was after I'd tried drawing a puppy. No workie Charlie.

And one for two of my sisters. I love how the design came together for this card. Actually, it is the silhouette of one of the same sisters.

And I don't think she would be having a conversation with a bird. But, artist's liberty, you know


RetroGirl said...

Hmmm... I think you are right about she wouldn't be talking to a bird. But, it's a very cute card, anyway!

Hannah said...

Very beautiful and cute! You're giving me some good ideas for cards... :)

Or...the bird could just be flying in the air, and the girl is looking at it, however, they are looking right at each other, which would mean that the bird would have to be treading air, hmm... :D

TW said...

The bird was more startled than she was. ;)

Annie Oakley said...

Of course the bird is talking to the girl! He's whispering secrets...;-P Wonderful secrets! :-D