Friday, September 18, 2009

The Story of a Painting

Recently I rewatched Rose Marie starring Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddie. I love their movies, though I haven't seen all of them. There is at least one I've missed, it has a sad ending I hear. I don't like sad endings.

But, Rose Marie reminded me of a painting I saw one time in an antique (junk) mall and which I doubt I shall ever forget. I don't remember it perfectly but my recollection is of a man out in the snow, wind blowing, he was bundled in a heavy fur coat, a rifle in hand, a hard grizzled face beneath a wide brimmed hat. He looked mean. Outlaw? But then I looked at him, really looked, and thought, he looks like the kind of man you could trust, someone to turn to in trouble.

I wish I knew who the painter was, because they had talent. I've often wondered if the painting portrayed a person from real life and what his story was.The artist had captured the ruggedness of the man and his surroundings, but they had also captured his spirit. The painting was simply called.......

The Mountie

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