Monday, September 14, 2009

From the Wedding....

I'm afraid I don't have very good pictures of the decorations, probably because that really isn't what the wedding is all about. For most people at any rate. Anyway, considering we were working with a gym, with a large blue stripe running about four feet up the wall - and the wedding was supposed to be red and ivory, I think we did alright with the budget we were using. I really wish I had good before and after pictures to show what a transformation there really was.

One of the aspects of decorating that I felt was important, was to not try to cover up the fact that it was a gym, but make it look festive and as nice as possible.

Here are a few picture to give you an idea:

I got the idea for the suspended dots from BHG Simply Creative Wedding Spring 2005 (Yes, I've had the magazine for while - and I don't even remember what it was in there that I actually broke down and bought the magazine!). I wanted to make paper chains, but mother suggested that it would be a whole late easier to use crepe paper and it looked great.

November Wedding: I'm thinking of using the dot idea again, but this time in a leaf shape.

On the right in the top picture, you can see large pom-poms hanging below a red tulle bow. I was perusing the Martha Stewart Weddings website and the bride loved these, I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to use them, but she obviously really liked them so I definitely wanted to work them into the decor - and I'm glad we did. And I'm so grateful my little sister was willing to make them all. I directed and critiqued from my reclined position on the sofa. Very important that.
Another idea from Martha Stewart Weddings, but this time I combined her idea to make something I liked better. This wreath was the inspiration, but I didn't like it, just the concept. Instead, I used elements of these paper flowers (with different centers) and paper roses my sister found, which I would give you the link to, but I can't seem to find them! The ladies from our Sunday Bible study group all worked together to make some of the roses and assemble the petals for the other flowers. I finished putting them together while - reclining. :) We attached them to cardboard rounds mother cut out and then wrapped tissue paper around the circle to form the base. The bows are two layers of tulle ribbon.

November Wedding: I might use the idea of paper flowers again, but this time using gold tissue paper. Maybe just a few touches to give a little elegance to the rustic ambiance we want to keep.

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