Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Days

It was crisp and cold. Rather chilly actually. But I wanted to enjoy the coolness of the fall day, to savour the beauty of it. So went outside and and wrapped myself in a down comforter, with a cup of hot water (it was emergency status around here: no tea) and sat out in the cold and read a book. Cassandra by Chance by Betty Neels. It was the perfect book for a cold day. Because it takes place in cold weather with lots of hot tea and cakes. Some of my very favorite things in life. I have to say though, I looked at the table beside me and wished for a pot of hot tea and cake and then just had to be satisfied with going back to reading. I guess life can't be perfect.

I think I'd like to go outside and do it again today. But first I have to go find a good book. And today I can have tea. We are no longer in emergency status. The cakes? If only I had a solution to that.
(Photograph from another fall day.)


Hannah said...

Reading books in cold weather with hot tea and cakes sounds awesome!

I have some very good memories of drinking hot tea with you and your sisters, whether while finishing up ball gowns for a ball a few days later or after playing a few cold games of Frisbee and volleyball. Fun, fun! :D

TW said...

That is funny that you should comment about having tea with you girls. Just this morning when I was waking up in the cold cabin, I thought about the time we had tea when you came - and that it was still the best cup of tea I have ever had.

I miss you girls!

Hannah said...

Yep, that definitely was a memory that shall go down from generation to generation. :)

"We remembered everything- sugar, spoons, tea bags, water...we forgot the cups!!" Haha! :D

I miss you girls too!