Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Announcing Another Victim....

...of Cupid's Arrow

She was so subtil about it, leaning against the back of my chair in which I sat ironing the ties for my sister-in-law to be's wedding dress, and when I glanced back at her, she smiles and holds up her hand, flashing the ring along with her million dollar smile.

One of my little sisters is engaged. The one that was courting. I'm beginning to think that waiting isn't what the guy's around here do. Or perhaps my brother sent a new trend. He's the type to set new trends.

This will be the first time we'll be on the actual planning side of the wedding and it should be exciting around here for the next few months. Three to be exact. Well, didn't I say just this year that she was the one that needed to get married first? She is an absolute dear, but I think it is going to take all of her sisters working full time to get her married. This is the sister that always waits till the last minute to finish important dresses.

I can see it now, "You are not walking down the isle until I finish your hem. Just hold still a minute, he's used to waiting by now."

He's always puntucal, and she's the one just getting into the shower when we're supposed to be leaving. I'm sorry, but I think this is very funny.

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Hannah said...

This is so exciting!! :D