Thursday, July 9, 2009

Caution: Cupid at Work

Life was a lazy summer day, warm and comfortable, pleasant, with just enough of a cool breeze to keep it from being uncomfortable, and then the wind came up, crisp and stirring, it has my attention. Will it just be a stiff breeze and then die down again, or are we in for a little stir me up wind?

The courtship lasted two weeks, one day. And the answer was, yes! My little brother, shall I rephrase that, younger brother, the one that used to have an adorable mop of curls and make me scream, is all grown up and getting married to a absolutely fabulous young lady!

Their story is beautiful, romantic, incredible and funny. And it has only just begun! She's been interested in my brother since before she actually met him, but she still didn't believe all the wonderful things his sisters said about him, because a guy that good just couldn't exist. Then she met him and she was a believer. I know, he is a rare breed, but take it from me, there was one once - but he's taken now.

The first time her father met him, he called his best friend up and told him he thought he'd found his daughter's future husband. And I think the first time my parents met her they decided she would make a very nice daughter-in-law. So you see, the parents had this figured out from the first. They were very smart though, they didn't push, they didn't hint, they just waited.

Everything has happened fast, very fast, but knowing them as I do, it's perfect and romantic and wonderful. I asked her when she showed up with a ring on her finger if she was surprised. Yes, but she was wondering how long it would take him. They're so cute.

And in there someone asked to court one of my little sisters. This past Wednesday they had officially been courting for a week. And we've seen him every day since. I don't mind, he's pretty nice. And that is another really cute story. His brother-in-law actually tried to talk him out of doing it, not because he didn't think my sister was the right one, but he thought she wasn't interested. His reply? She'll have to learn to like me. That'a guy!

Well, considering I've spent the last few months being nearly embarrassed with how obvious it was that she had a serious crush on him, I was very relieved to hear it. I guess I did know that it wasn't obvious to anyone but her mother and sisters, but I was afraid she would betray herself if not strictly monitored. Of course, there are some things only a sister, an attentive one at, that is going to catch. When I really realized she liked him, it was because she was holding her jaw differently when she was talking one time when he was over after a hiking trip. Now really, who is going to pick up on that? Of course, if someone was watching they might have guessed when not two feet behind him she got a chair to stand on so she could turn on the ceiling light. She could have asked him, it would have been a very simple reach for someone over six feet. And I'm sure he would have been very happy to oblige. My hero!

Want to know something, it's pretty obvious now that she likes him.(And vice-versa) People in a certain condition, seem to have a certain look about them. And she has it. It's pretty cute. She's pretty cute, and he's pretty lucky. Really, he's into the outdoors, hunting, fishing, etc., and she's always had that interest and has actually been bear hunting in a group that he was out with. All that and she's very beautiful and has a good sense of casual style - and then she can still go to the ball in a beautiful gown and be lovely. He is lucky, what?

I think I'm going to enjoy this nice summer storm - but I'd better hang on. It is going to be quite a ride through the whirl of wedding preparations!

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