Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back!

I was away for a month staying with my brother and sister-in-law helping them settle into their little home with a young baby. I missed home dreadfully, but I very much enjoyed visiting with my brothers, two sister-in-laws and my very adorable nephew and niece. It was very sad when it came time to finally bid them all goodbye.

I will miss: Cuddling my niece as she sleeps in my arms, smiling at her smiles, laughing when she giggles, laughing at the absolute adorableness of her when she puckers her little mouth to cry, and marveling at how big she's getting.....Walking my nephew around and around the room, letting him explore my teeth with his little finger and then feeling his, just so he knew the two he has are important, playing with his toys after he's gone to bed, being thrilled and surprised at his excited greeting when I went to visit.....Long talks with my sisters-in-law and getting to know them better, the long walks with Mrs. M III and sometimes my brother, and the wonderful new recipes I tried that my sisters-in-law made.

And then it was home again, traveling with a good family friend that was coming for a short visit before leaving for Peru. We had a wonderful, though sleep deprived, action packed long weekend. We danced and then played a game of volleyball at the park, explored a ghost town of old log buildings, took a ten mile hike and got rained on and very muddy and we squeezed another game of volleyball in before she left town. All between wonderful conversations with confidences, laughs and counsel.

I'm absolutely exhausted, but in a happy way. And now I have to get back on schedule, and see what life holds for me in the future. One thing it seems to contain is another new sister-in-law. We shall see, what we shall see.

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