Saturday, August 29, 2009


With a week just passing since my brothers wedding, we're full swing into preparations for my little sisters big day. We went wedding dress shopping yesterday and may have found the perfect gown - we'll see what she decides. If she doesn't want it, I'm trying to convince one of my other younger sisters to buy it for her wedding - and she would, except she doesn't have a guy and she is not going to buy a dress in anticipation.

The plan is for a casual fall wedding and we may have found the perfect barn to have the event. They had wanted to do an outdoor wedding, but since it is in November, we are going to just do it in a casual facility. Casual is not my style, but I'm really looking forward to this wedding. I think with a barn and the groomsmen wearing Carhartts, it is going to embrace the more rustic, casual feel the couple wants, but with her wearing a beautiful dress and some more elegant touches, it is going to be a perfect blend that reflects their personalities. And I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

Green is their main color, and then they want to incorporate a fall color scheme, not leaning to heavily to either side. Not to much green and definitely not too many fall colors. We've already got some really good ideas and I can't wait to get started. Hopefully I'll be able to post picture as we go along.


Hannah said...

Please do post pictures as you go along! I shall look forward to them. :D

TW said...

I took some pictures yesterday of a centerpiece that is similar to what I plan to do for the wedding - hopefully they turned out and I can post them soon.

Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

Hey, btw, I love your new profile picture! It looks very much like your type of style. :D

Hannah said...

Ugh, that "Comment deleted" looks very ugly. I by mistake left out two words, so I deleted my first comment and then redid it with the two extra words. Sorry about that, TW! :D