Monday, November 17, 2008

My Latest Fascination

Plums have been quite my thing this year. Well, I've always had a thing with plums, but this is an entirely different thing. The fascination that has been inspired in me this year is not only the bounty of them, but the variety. Just look at the specimens below, all picked within a lot less than an acre of each other. Fascinating, very fascinating.

I of course wanted to make plum jam and take advantage of the wild bounty. The purple plum jam was first, and then when we found the yellow plums, why I had to make yellow plum jam too. And then my little sister discovered the green plums, I simply had to make some of them into green jam. I really couldn't resist.

Interesting, I'll allow. Especially all by its little lonesome.

But all three together? I think they're rather fetching.

1 comment:

Fogwood214 said...

Quite the artistic bunch, I daresay!

They look very yummy. :-)