Monday, November 3, 2008

Five Little Ladies and How They Flew

Our tickets were booked four months in advance and then we anxiously awaited the arrival of our departure to visit three sisters on the East Coast.

Our visit took on even more excitement when we were invited to attend a ball while we were visiting. Eight girls and a chance to dress up! Actually, one of my sisters wasn’t too happy about the idea. But then of all five of us, she was asked to dance the most, and I think she changed her mind and had lots of fun.

We decided to make all our dresses for the ball so the last few weeks before our departure was a mad rush of fabric purchases, humming sewing machines, spools of thread, gathering yards of tulle for petticoats, etc. I think the threads were still settling as we finished packing and headed to the airport.

Of course we were expecting to have fun on our adventure. That was why we went, right? But we were not expecting to have that much fun! It was incredible!

Our hosts were wonderful. We felt right at home the moment we walked in the door. They are incredibly fun, inspiring and witty people. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but very soon we were not less friends, but more sisters. And there were a few times when we accidently referred to each other’s parents as our own. It was fun to see how many things that aren’t usual that we had in common. They don’t have a microwave, we don’t have a microwave. They don’t have a toaster, we don’t have a toaster.

The father of the girls took a day off work to escort us all to D.C. We walked for several hours solid taking in as many landmarks as possible. The trip culminated with a tour of our Capitol and then a very long walk back to the car. And then we ate just about every scrap of food in the car. We’d earned it. But because there were so many girls, it was perhaps surprising. Do you know how good it feels to eat food you really feel you’ve earned?

My sisters and I had never been to a ball before and didn’t know any of the dances, so before we left a friend came up and coached us in the two she knew and then once we got into town, Tricia, Theresa and Hannah dedicated many hours to teaching us the dances. After our adventures in D.C. the next day we still practiced the dances and then went to the Ball that evening. My legs actually didn’t feel like falling off, somewhat to my surprise.

On Sunday we went to church and then we had company over for lunch. I mean, they had more company over for lunch. :) It was fun to get to know their brother and his wife and little boy better, and two family friends that were a blast. We played volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and shared our “intellectual game”. This was really funny because all of us had figured it out earlier in our visit on the way to D.C., so the only people that didn’t know the rules were the three guys. We had them calling for “men’s rights,” and “what about men’s suffrage?”

Our fast paced trip wound down with exploring the ruins of an old factory, learning some more new games, watching movies, deep talks, looking at pictures, singing together and discussing our week. I knew it was going to be a week of many wonderful memories, but they are sweeter yet than ere I expected. Such a blessing was an answer to prayers for a very special trip that would uplift us all.

On our way home our plane had engine trouble and we ended up missing our connecting flight. After the substitute the airline had arranged wouldn’t take us, Delta paid for two hotel rooms and meal vouchers so we could catch our flight the next morning. We saved the PB&J sandwiches Mrs. M had sent for our dinner for a quick breakfast and tried the hotel restaurant. Which I’m afraid was a disappointment. The food was good, but the service was very inattentive and then we had a little more trouble with them. I think perhaps because it was five young ladies, but I can’t say for sure.

All five of us wore hats to travel, and as we were getting off the shuttle from the hotel the next morning, the driver asked if we were a singing or dancing group, “No, sisters,” I replied, and he asked, “nuns?”


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it! I'm printing it off and putting it in my diary. :) You have several of the highlights mentioned in here--things we can look back at and laugh over for a long while to come, I'm sure.

That last story was just too funny! I'm laughing out loud--to use an overused expression. ;) I must say I really enjoyed walking around with 5 extra "sisters." The looks we got were well worth it. :D

Do you know, we've had more tea in the past several days than I can ever remember having? Oh, and this past Sunday during a volleyball game, Evan aptly remarked something along the lines of having a grasshopper in his eye... Hmm...LOL

Well, I hope I get to see you in March if not before!


P.S. You all should really get a toaster, though. They're great for all the poptarts I know y'all eat. ;) Just make sure 'n follow the directions on the box. :P

Tricia said...

*Claps enthusiastically* Lovely!! Your specifics were great. It felt so real, as if...I had been there! :D

Hannah said...

Great post! It was so much fun to read! :D

TW said...

I'm glad you liked my tales of our travels! It really was a marvelous visit!

Pwooor Evan - at least it wasn't a praying manis. :)

What are pop tarts? jk :)

Anonymous said...

A praying mantis indeed! Haha! That wouldn't even *fit* in someone's eye. Let alone Evan's... what with the Korean ancestors and all... :P

Wow, I should really watch that I'm not too silly. I have to remember I'm talking to the serious, mature McD. ;)

Just kidding. *grin*

I miss you, though; I think we should pick an afternoon for y'all to come over and just chit chat and review some dances and games and stuff.

We'll even provide sources of heat for you to sit by...?

Okay, okay. Enough for now.