Monday, January 4, 2010

Fly on the Wall

Part I

That is not to say there will ever a Part II, III, IV or so on, but it sounded so appropriate. And I might you know, do another such thing, so I'm leaving the door open. And there was another one I was going to do, but I can't remember it now. That is originally why the door was even going to be put there in the first place. But enough of that now, over to our fly....

The lights were extinguished, because we really were supposed to be going to sleep, but we weren't asleep. There were voices coming out of the dark. We were reminiscing about the past year and thinking what a bleak prospect of excitement the new year held. And that is how we got to discussing the ball we had attended. And if you'd like to analyze it, it shows some interesting perspective on what shapes peoples observations.

One of us, who shall presently, and perhaps forever, to protect the innocent, remain nameless said, "there was only one good looking guy there and he asked me to dance." Okay, so that sounds like a good thing. But then she clarified, "Well, he wasn't really good looking, I mean he looked like the type of guy that would ask strange girls to dance.....girls that he didn't know.......I am not a strange girl!"

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Hannah said...

Haha! Go, "Nameless!" :D