Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm not saying for sure....

...But, there was a very large hole in my pillow case when I went to make my bed, and I don't remember it being there before. It was big too, not something I think I would overlook.

And then, my married sister came over in the evening and told her, "I had a nightmare last night that we had five black and brown Chihuahua's and they were very mean, they were biting me." Suddenly a horrid thought occurred to me, were there mice on me, last night, while I was trying to sleep? They couldn't have bit me, I didn't have any bite marks, but.... the thought is simply ghastly.....Scream! No, I didn't, wouldn't have even considered it. Well, I might have considered it.

It is disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the night and hear little pitter patter of mice feet. Especially disconcerting after discovering a hole in your pillowcase. Unnerving if you can't tell if they are climbing up your bedpost, I froze, really I did, that cessation of movement that descends on you when faced with grave danger and you have to decide how to react. I wondered if I suddenly felt a mouse on my pillow I was going to sit up so fast I would hit my head on the bottom of the bunk. It is higher than ordinary bunks, but I haven't ever sat bolt upright before and this was a concern. I considered calling out, "I'm awake, I can hear you. Go away."

I can only consider myself fortunate that I'm not terrified of mice, though I certainly don't wish them as bedfellows. I wonder if watching Cinderella would help alleviate the apprehension I feel with mice loose in the house?

We did get a whole bunch more mouse traps and my little brother was going around placing them in drawers and in the rooms while singing to himself, "Oh, mousy won't you come out and talk with me...."

My little sister Twiglet though, has it all figured out, she placed pictures of mouse traps and warning signs on her bed. "No mice allowed. All trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you can read this, you are too close."

And she doesn't have any holes in her pillow case.


Hannah said...

Oh, my!! Wow, that would be creepy! Go, Twiglet!! :D

TW said...

You can say that again. One must just "man up" (I learned that expression from my brother telling that to Little K :) Very cute).

Hannah said...

Oh, my!! Wow, that would be creepy! Go, Twiglet!! :D Haha! ;D

I like that expression too. :-)

Eden Zohara Oved said...

hahahahahaha your little sister is smart!:p