Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The leaves are starting to turn, the air is fresh and crisp, and the wonderful smell of Autumn is in the air.

Father was taking one of my pupils with him for a day of woodcutting with friends, so we all took the day off school and I worked on getting out my fall/winter clothes and going over them to see what I will need to get for the cooler seasons.

I walked up the hill to the neighbors with my sister so she could feed their Pugs, and the other neighbors herd of goats spied us and started following. We got a bit ahead of them on the road, and they started bawling and it quite amused me. It sounded just like they were saying, "Hey ma, wait up!" We discouraged them and managed to get to the neighbors but as we were heading home, they were coming trotting back down the road from the opposite direction we had taken. "Oops, they didn't go this way ma, we would have seen them by now. I think we better turn around." They came thundering after us and I wasn't so certain we weren't going to get run down, but they ran around us and then escorted us back home. At the last minute we made a run for it and closed the gate so they couldn't follow us onto our property.

Tis' the season and today I tried a new recipe for gingerbread cookies. Miracle of miracles, I didn't even have to substitute ingredients, though I did halve the recipe. You have to chill the dough so tomorrow I shall bake them and see how they taste. Some of my absolute favorite cookies are Anna's Ginger Thins so I might try to come up with a similar cookie. If I can't, I do hope Costco is still carrying them - now that is the way to purchase those crisp bits of deliciousness!

Crisp air, changing leaves, spicy goodies. Fall is perhaps my favorite season.

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Tricia said...

Autumn is definitely my favorite season. I love the AIR, as well as the colorful, crispy leaves. :D