Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It Was an Omen

I'm an aunt! Junior as he as been called, made his appearance yesterday evening. My sister-in-law couldn't have been more right when she jokingly commented that Labor Day was an omen. The little guy came into the world and now bears the impressive IV after his name as he bears the same name as his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Last night after we heard the news we celebrated with Sparkling Cider Floats - which we just happened to have the ingredients for! I can't wait to see the little guy!

The first day of school got off to a good start with the buzz of excitement we were all feeling - or perhaps in spite of the buzz! Fortunately we had all night to adjust our excitement and be jubilantly tempered!

What a blessing! Welcome to the world little guy! We're proud to have you join our clann.

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Hannah said...

That is so exciting that you and your sisters are now aunts! Isn't it awesome being an aunt? Today, we babysat my nephew for a few hours, and he is absolutely adorable and so much fun to be with, as I am sure your nephew will be too! Well, Congrats! :D