Saturday, July 5, 2008


For breakfast: honey and peanut butter mixed together on whole wheat toast. High calorie and so delicious. Certainly a perfect start to any day.

Planted lettuce in the garden. The garden is a sorry story and a short one, becaue it really isn't.

Experimented making a lime dessert, using a creamy lemon pie filling recipe. The cool green citrus mixture is chilling in white tea cups in the refrigerator. There isn't any whipping cream in the house so zest will have to do for the garnish.

In the closet, I ordered one sister to put in storage anything that didn't fit her and helped another sister get rid of things she didn't fit anymore or she ought not to be caught dead wearing. She is so agreable and what I says goes. Good girl. I also managed to aquire a few pieces for myself. Now lest you think I'm taking advantage of my little sister, it is not so. I only got one blouse from her that wasn't in her size. It really is much more bold than I usually do, but the "committee" watching decided it was quite the thing for me. The bright blue shirt I also aquired was from another sister and she was just going to cut it up, but I decided the color didn't look so bad on me. My grandmother ought to be happy that I have two very colorful peices in my wardrobe now.

I should go check the sheets on the line so I can make my bed. Freshly laundered, sun dried sheets. What a dreamy way to fall asleep.

Then perhaps I ought to go make something for breakfast tomorrow...

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Tricia said...

Haha! Yes, I love helping my sisters go through their closets. I usually get some article of clothing that is too small for them but just right for me. :D