Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our House Guest

Introducing Eeyore, which he is rarely called around here. Among others, the more prefered names being Puncher Pug, Franklin and my personal favorite, Mugs McGuinness. Really, I don't suppose it's every house guest that you address by the name that you happen to think suits them best, but he's a good sport. I think all the nicknames are a sign of distant affection. He really is very well behaved and is lots of fun to have around. I’m going to miss him when his mother returns home to claim him. He likes to sit up like this and beg. Homemade bread seems to make him very excited.

Isn't he cute?


Kyna said...

You forgot about "skirt chaser" and "ladies man"!!! :D

Annie Oakley said...

Kyna! I can't believe you actually posted this!!!:-O