Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Winter Walk

I like the rugged beauties of winter. The zest it gives you to be tromping down a winding road through the woods with the muddy gravel compressing beneath your rubber boots, the accumulation of snow from the plow still melting beside the road, while the sun breaks out from behind a cloudy sky, illuminating the lane ahead of me. Every once in a while I would pause and kick my boots into the slushy snow.

There were a few deer prancing through the woods, but no sign of the tames ones that approach for a pet. I paused to point out to Mummy the tree I discovered yesterday that had little buds, still tiny and pink. I’d love to climb over the fence and cut some branches to put in a vase in the house. I’m still enjoying winter, but I savor the promise of spring.

After an invigorating walk, it's home for a hot cup of tea.

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