Saturday, April 30, 2011

Travel Attire

No hat. Tis a pity. Two reasons for that, I think only two, but I can't even really remember the other one, but I think one was I didn't want to dress up too much in deference to my grandmother, who sometimes isn't quite sure about how much I dress up to travel. Hence, the denim jacket as well, partly for style, also, it popped the black dress down a notch. And perhaps it was just the look I was in the mood to go with, I did, in deference to a hat, wear a black flower in my hair.

Style wise, I think I did okay, but comfort wise, I think I need to update my travel wardrobe a little, the shoes especially. While very smashing faux snake skin, they have become a tiny bit too big since I purchased them several years ago, and while walking long distances through an airport, when your heel is slipping out of your shoe, it is not only uncomfortable, it is not elegant. I made a detour through the bathroom and stuffed more tissue in the toes, but really…..It is entirely likely, since I’m so particular, that they will have to make do, but I hope to find a smashing replacement before another airport trek.

The other small problem I had was my slip riding up. Fortunately, the skirt was full enough that the bulge it wanted to create was concealed (hopefully!), but elegance needs to be a feeling as well as a look, and I can’t say I had it on the inside.

So, travelling does need to be a combination of comfort and elegance, although to be perfectly frank here, I’d rather look nice. However, I think feeling elegance can be a major contributor to looking elegant, so there you are, I’m stuck. Another thing, apparently airport security doesn’t like really full skirts, I was subjected to extra screening. (But hey, I flew out of a small airport and the security went above and beyond the call of duty to help me find my watch that I’d taken off and slipped into my belongings right before walking through the scanners. When I realized it was missing on the other side, they ran all my bags through again, helped me pull things out and look, and we finally found it. And then of course there was a science to having fit everything in and it wasn’t quite the same after that….but that is another story on better luggage and I did try, but I just couldn’t find something that would work. So a girl has got to do, what a girl has got to do, with what a girl has. :))

I think the basic moral to this whole post is, try not to fly right after starting to evacuate your families home because of a mud slide, it does things to your equanimity. And because I have a way of rabbit trailing, I feel so blessed that despite this crisis our family has been through; we’re all safe, we were able to move everything out, and actually, the Blue Castle is still standing. With the tornado that just recently devastated so many homes across America recently, I just shake my head, they had no warning, they lost just about everything, and some even lost their lives. What do I have to complain about?

How's that for a fashion post?

Pip now,


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Hannah Moss said...

Nice travel outfit! Sorry to hear about the problems thereof... :)