Thursday, December 16, 2010

French'ish Party

I wanted to do a fancy French themed pastry type party for my sisters birthday (blame the lady who was in France taking picture of pastry shop windows) but life just won't allow for things like that right now. Not willing to completely forgo the idea, my sister-in-law and I decided to pull something together that was simple, fun and tasty!

Mini Lemon Curd Tartlet Cookies

Creative Wending made Petite Fours with some help from the other sisters

Mini Mocha Meringue Cakes

Served with a pot of hot coffee and a bowl of sweetened whipped cream!


Tricia Regar said...

Can I pretty please have the recipes for the first and third pictures? They look incredible! You can post them on the recipe exchange, if you want to!

TW said...

I'm working on it - I altered recipes for both of them so I need to remember what I did and write it down. :)