Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm home again after a delightful week visiting at my married siblings!

On the road trip down, father had to stop to get internet service so he could order a part and it would ship and arrive in time. After having my sister pull over, back up and then cut across to the libary parking lot trying to get a good signal for his laptop, he finally decided to go into the local library and use one of their computers. Well, my sister and I had to check out the libary in a large wide spot in the road sort of town. I of course had just painted my nails and couldn't look at the books, but my sister found one on the Queen Mum and we flipped through looking at the pictures. That is until we thought father was ready to leave and we made a quick departure. It turned out he wasn't gone yet, but we never got back to the book. Which is too bad, and perhaps I shall run across another copy of it someday.

At the same large wide spot in the road town at the gas station I walked into the convenience store to be confronted by a cardboard silouette of a race car driver advertising a soft drink. I walked to the back of the store down the hall to the restrooms where another driver was advertising a different soft drink. I smiled. My sister asked me why and I told her, "the other one was better looking." She laughed and told me that is exactly what she had thought, which made us both chuckle because my sisters and I don't notice guys and we thought it immensly amusing that we had the same random thought. Maybe it was only because the second guy reminded us of somebody that I wouldn't classify as be all he is cracked up to be.

Once in town I visited the mother of a young boy I tutored a couple of years ago. My former pupil and two of his sisters were there too. It was fun to see them again and we had a nice visit. There is actually a bit more connetion than just the time I tutored the son. We were neighbors for years and two of my brothers work for his father, as well as one of them being a roommate to the boy's older brother. I had really enjoyed my chats with the mother while tutoring and it was very enjoyable to visit with her again.

We managed to make a girls trip to the beach where we tried to find some maturnity clothes for my sister-in-law, with no luck. I ran into some friends and it was fun to walk up and address them out of no where. They didn't know I was in the state and they were hardly expecting me at the coast. After purusing a few stores at the outlets, we made a quick stop at the beach to brave the cold weather and get our feet wet.

Catching up with a special friend.....relaxing and reading.....visiting with my new walks....listening to my brother telling stories...... lots of cream and watermelon and donuts.....watching my brother work on a beautiful and rustic frame for a mirror.....coming home to some new room arrangements and....

....Rain! The perfect end to a relaxing week. I love rain! I think fresh rain is one of my favorite scents! As one of my sister-in-laws said, her three favorite smells are: fresh rain, cut grass and garlic french bread!

I had a wonderful week, but there is nothing quite so sweet as home. Sometimes I think it is nice to leave, just so you can come back.

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